Pine Tar
Pine Tar
Pine Tar

Pine Tar

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Smells Like: An enchanted forrest of fresh Pine and ruggedness. 

THIS SOAP HAS IT ALL (sorry for yelling but it does).  As requested, we have included a healthy dose of pine tar in each cold processed soap that will leave you feeling, and smelling amazing.

Aside from its unique amazing smell, Pine tar soap has been an ancient secret recipe since 1878. Pine tar in soap is said to  aid in treating certain skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and reducing itching, and inflammation of the scalp. 

However, since we are a company that strives for the best, you may even call us "one uppers", we have infused this soap with a healthy amount of goat milk. Besides being packed with vitamins your skin needs, it has numerous benefits that include anti aging properties, acne prevention, and many others. Additionally we have included activated charcoal, and oats which have a giant list of benefits including: Exfoliating, acne soothing, removal of blackheads, cleansing pores, and tightening your skin.

This is the soap has it all, and we are most proud of.  if its not your new favourite soap... its on us. 

Couple this with our fan favourite all natural mens Pine Tar deoderant to leave you smelling like never before. 


Saponified oils, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, pine tar, all natural essential oils, goat milk, oats, activated charcoal.